Prewitt Joy

  • Name: Prewitt .Roya Joy
  • Name Meaning: ‘Smiling brave one’
  • Latin: Gaudium Prewitt
  • Ancestor Origin: Spain
  • Species: Human
  • Craft: Unknown
  • Status: Deceased
  • Birthday: October 28th
  • Age: Died 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: Unknown
  • Relatives: (Father): Unknown (Mother): Unknown (Siblings/twin): Loukian Joy
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Hair: Pastel pink
  • Eyes: Unknown (Dark)


  • ‘Prewitt’ means brave and ‘Joy’ is the feeling to be happy.
  • Prewitt was the first to be scrapped out of the squad, mainly down to the fact that he looked too much like Loukian.
  • Loukian and Prewitt weren’t originally brothers.
  • Prewitt was actually Anthony’s right hand man and older.
  • He was even Commander at one point and older once again.
  • Prewitt was then finally let go after his persona didn’t match his look. After failed development he was put to rest.
  • When the LLP squad came back and was later brought in to be Church’s squad, Prewitt was thrown into the mix for an experiment.
  • The original idea was to have Prewitt betray them and join with Roscoe, in which they rebel.
  • This was scrapped as Prewitt and Roscoe couldn’t be seen as any more than enemies.
  • The idea to make Loukian and Prewitt twins came about after a story ark was scrapped. It was mainly around twins getting murdered one by one by an evil individual, but the story was dull and scrapped. The idea of having twins in the story was pleasing however.
  • Soon as Prewitt had a likeable personality, he was brought back as a Joy.
  • The markings under his eyes are tattoos.
  • His hair is actually apart of the same colour spectrum as Loukian’s, just brought down to the lightest level.
  • Like Loukian, his eyes are so dark that it’s hard to tell what colour they are.
  • The design of Prewitt’s mouth mask is actually a setting sun with seven points. The back has a clog with seven points also to represent time.
  • The bell Loukian carries with the flower was actually what Prewitt used to wear and Loukian the flower.
  • Prewitt’s name was dubbed Roy before a suitable name came about.
  • The name Prewitt was discovered after Niles saw the name on the back of a bus.

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