Marcus Alden

  • Name: Marcus Alden
  • Name Meaning: ‘Reserved old friend’
  • Latin: M. Alden
  • Ancestor Origin: English
  • Species: Human
  • Craft: Sticking on contact
  • Status: Alive
  • Birthday: March 16th
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: First in command of the Life Army, General
  • Relatives: (Father): Unknown (Adopted): Anthony Champlain (Mother): Unknown (Siblings):(Adopted): Church Champlain (Children): Neotumultu Alden
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Hair: Mint green
  • Eyes: Deep purple


  • ‘Marcus’ means dedicated and warlike. ‘Alden’ mean old friend.
  • Marcus has piercing under each eye.
  • Surprising enough, he has an elaborate tattoo design down his right arm, which now most of has been removed.
  • Marcus is a skilled swords man but is unable to use his own properly.
  • He was made General at the young age of 22.
  • Marcus was originally scrapped.
  • But then brought back as Anthony’s servant. He was smaller with light blonde hair and a pigtail, his eyes were always closed as well.
  • His piercings have never been removed during his design process.
  • Marcus has three dots on his top lip, something that was kept after a coffee accident on the laptop screen just so happen to leave three marks in the right place.
  • He has advanced hearing skills but poor vision.
  • Marcus is asexual.
  • Marcus’ final hair design was inspired by Victorian perukes.
  • Originally Church was Neo’s father, but was changed to Marcus to fit in with the story.

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