Forget-me-not Man



A man of total serenity hobbled through the flower fields. Gazing around the colourful sea he removed his handkerchief from his shelve and wiped away at the invisible irritation over his silvery stubble. Even though his heart was calm and his pace was steady, his mind still manged to find new found irritation over his prickly skin. He sighed, pausing ever so slightly as he tucked away the fading material. This man was at a loss, slightly confused of who he was and where he was, he continued to plod forward. His mind continues to scratch, he knows what he must do… But how? He frowns as he passes white, his serenity fading at the sight of blooming lilies. “No, not them…” He thought. A grumble rumbling through him at the thought.

He continued, gazing at the sky whilst he did so. Its glowing pools of yellows and blues making him smile a toothy smile. “I wish for something as bright…” He thought. He stumbled slightly. Frowning, his eyes gazed at the brightness beneath his feet. “Ugh, not them either…” He thought a little more bitterly this time. He left the daffodils in a crumpled mess in his wake.

He placed his hands behind his back as he walked, smiling brightly. He felt at peace, he felt like he could take on the world, well, not yet. He still needed to complete his mission. After rolling down a grassy hill it seemed like his mission was near on complete. Surrounding him now was a ray of blue, its dazzling colour standing out over all buds. He bent down and cupped a few of these tiny gems, its bunch almost looking like a heart.

He chuckled, its likeliness rubbing off on him. “You fit perfectly…” The man thought, lying down next to the beating buds. He ringed his fingers together over his chest and gazed as the sky grew darker. “I think I’m done now…” He sighed and closed his eyes, letting his warmth encase the surrounding blue, their petals folding out for an embracing soul. “Yeah, this is the one. I want them to have this one…” And in his memories he shares, he breathes once more. Now lies here; The Forget-me-not Man.


We all have at least one person in our lives where they’re so precious that they become something of a ‘higher being’, someone who cannot die. Imagining that person leaving this world is near on impossible – You believe that this person will live forever, live past you!

But, alas, it happens. This precious person was like that for me, like that for everyone who knew them. And the world does seem that little less bright without them. I’m not religious I do not believe in an afterlife, I live for the moment and don’t think about what ‘waits at the other side’. Like everything in this world we’re surrounded by recyclable energy, us as humans are energy. I’d like to think that once we pass, our energy will help something live. In this case the Forget-me-not Man is roaming through his garden, wishing to pick what he’d like to give life to. He picks a flower, a forget-me-not, not because he wishes us to remember him like that, not because of its name. No, because he loves flowers. Simple. The Forget-me-not Man loves to grow flowers and he’s fussy on which he’d like in his garden.

Love the good and the bad with your loved ones. Embrace the memories you hold, let it make it smile. Cry if you need to cry, but let that happiness take over. Your life is still living, live for yourself and live to remember another.

Copyright © -2016- -Niles-. All rights reserved.
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