See. Got your attention again, didn’t I?

Nothing like a good old pair of drawn titties to start your day, huh? (And if you don’t like boobs, who cares, just like it anyway.)

Emma in CD isn’t someone I’d call flirtatious or provocative, she’s quite a hyperactive, charming and bubbly woman. In most cases within the story, Church calls her, ‘nervous Emma’. Or I quote: “I think I prefer the nervous Emma.” Meaning she has many sides to her that she shows to different people.

Who doesn’t do that?

It’s just chemistry, isn’t it? Something that helps us relate. We have a best friend because you and that person can talk and do everything together. And you have friends because you’re comfortable with them, but there are differences. The same goes for rivals or even enemies, more so with family.

It’s just common chemistry within the brain that we tend to forget about. Find it hard to keep friends? Find it hard to find friends? That’s never your fault or the people around you, it’s just simple attraction. And it’s a bitch. But worth all the while if you do find someone to be your true self around.

The reason why I drew this picture of Emma showing her opposite side is because she has no one to be herself around. She craves to be a woman, to show that she is one. She’s lost, almost in limbo, in finding someone that will see her true self.

Let’s face it, we have a lot of nativity hitting our media around woman or feminists… Or both. Can’t tell the difference these days. There’s always something negative when it comes to woman – And they’re stupid. – Women look sexual in video games. – Women get wolf whistled for looking good. – Women get stared at. – Women get asked out. Yahdahdahdah…

I’m an equalist. I’m for both sides. An example for not fight both sides – Fighting for tax to be removed from feminine product? Then why aren’t you fighting for tax to be removed for all products? Men have to smell nice too, you bitch. Sorry that was mean. But I’m keeping in there.


I’ll happily open a door for male and female. Hell I’ll wolf whistle at both! I’ll draw male and female characters sexy and I won’t think about whether if this will insult someone. We’re so quick to judge these days, we take every little thing personally and twist it. And it’s infuriating. Instead of worrying about what other people are doing or talking about, why aren’t people living their lives? Is life that boring? You’ve been placed on this beautiful planet only to dump all over it with your socially awkward society and create drama for the sake of drama. Whether if that’s political war, religious ties or just plain simple differences.

For some reason man kind finds it very hard to accept what is classed as ‘different’.

Black? White? Asian? Gay? Bisexual? Straight? Small? Tall? Man? Woman?

I could go on. But back to woman.

I love the female body. I’m very sure all artists do. When you’re in a life drawing studio or you’re just doodling, the female body is the most satisfying feeling with a pen and pencil to draw. Smooth edges, curves and just the word feminine makes it that much more enjoyable. Now in recent times drawing male characters for me have been quite pleasing. I’ve learnt a lot more about the anatomy over the past couple of years about how muscles change with movements and how they grow with exercise. And I found the male body fascinating.

We have to face our differences. Males are stronger out of the two sexes, the way their body is structured is made for both lifting and running, and in primal times – For protecting. Women are weaker, but they have advantages. They can carry children, bring life into the world, carry them and raise them. That’s taxing on the body, exhausting to the brain, but woman can do that. And it’s amazing! In primal times they would protect the village if needed while the men fight out front, pick the fruit or be like a lioness and run to the catch something.

We are built differently. Our minds are built differently. We are different. There’s no point in saying a female boxer with experience can beat or even go up against a male boxer with experience. No. It just won’t happen. She’ll be dead or have a squished face. Either way, unfortunately but naturally, she’ll loose. Same with running, lifting.

As you can tell I’m talking about the human body. I don’t care if a woman/man is better at being a lawyer, doctor or designer, I don’t care. I care about being human.

Woman are beautiful creatures. It’s wonderful that they come across as something delicate and pretty. You are a beautiful human. And men, it’s impressive what your body can handle. Embracing the power you hold is worth showing off. You are a beautiful human.

For some reason today, we feel the need to make an issue out of everything. Just because something happens, like someone has done/said something that could include you – It’s like the brain goes into overdrive thinking; “Ah, shit. Should I be insulted by this? If I’m not does that make me a bad person?” In reality nothing should effect our lives. But because we’re currently afraid of everything and ‘freedom of speech’ has completely gone out of the window, people would rather be sheep and go along with it other than being left out. People are afraid of looking bad, of not having a side to be on.

An example would be the wolf whistle. Let’s say that woman hates that she’s been disturbed in public, now, for some reason, she feels like everyone is staring at her and now her day is ruined. But why do you feel insulted? Listen, you could be wearing a really nice outfit, your hairs done up, you’ve go the nice skirt, the top that shows the goods, y’know? But then there’s that argument – But it’s in my right to wear that, I wanted to wear that, that makes me feel good. I’ll put my hands up here, that’s far enough – Do what you want wear what you want. But surely you know you look good, everyone doesn’t go outside looking good not having that thought that they want to attract the opposite sex, or the same. Men do it to!

But you could just look nice in general, you could be a natural beaut and wolf whistled at. Point is, you cannot control what other people think. If they want to whistle they will whistle! It’s like birds on mating season, they’ll signal when they’re attracted to you. Instead of making and issue just take it as a complement and move on with the day. Why do you feel insulted? I’ve filled out factors there that cannot be avoided.

Now just to be clear, I have nothing against woman. At all. It’s just the subject of the media that’s made me talk more about females.

Embrace who you are and love it. Embrace others for who they are, and love them. Challenge when it’s needed and support. Protect those that you love being yourself around.

And just remember, we’re all human. We’re the same, just slightly different. And that’s a wonderful thing.

(Except me. I’m still very sure I came from Marz.)

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