Kill that Beat


This is something I haven’t done in years, drawing to music – AND I LOVE IT.

Something so simple shouldn’t be taught, but I was taught about this during my college years… A very… Long… Time ago… WELL.

I grew up around music. My mother, who is brilliant by the way. Mums are great, huh? Anyway, she’s a music freak, right rock and roll chick and still goes to concerts to this day! But she’s weird… Like she can like a genre that’s so not related to another… And put them in a playlist that sends you to another dimension! I guess she’s my inspiration through my work, her weirdness has rubbed off on me!

When I was young I was very clueless when it came to art. I was very artistic as a child – Who wasn’t? I was drawing all the time and even in school during classes, was doodling to my hearts content. I was known for my doodles in school, yes, that was the number one thing I always got in trouble for! I was the quiet sorts, I was that one kid that preferred to sit at the back and quietly listen and get on with my work… While doodling. My problem wasn’t the doodles itself, it was where I would do them.

On my text books. I don’t know about your school days, dear reader, but when I was at school you got a blank lined book for every class to do your work in, take notes ect, ect. And each book was a different frigging colour as well, green for science, orange for maths, yellow for English – yadayadayada…

Anyway, I was always drawing on the covers and on the back, even inside the margins on my page. Sometimes when we had to submit a book in for ‘marking’, the number one thing written in my book from the teacher was, “what is this?” “do not deface your work!” ect, ect. You know, when teachers write in obnoxious read pen and DEFACE YOUR WORK with their grades and random ramblings, something that they could easily discuss with you in person.

So yes, every text book that I got was covered in pen. Number one for me was maths class, now my teacher clearly found it entertaining, but due to his profession he had no choice but to be strict. What he did? Every time my book had a new look, he made me wrap the cover up in wrapping paper… Yeah. That bastard. Still the best maths teacher I’ve ever had though…

When I got older though and the hormones kicked in, I didn’t lose interest, I just had that classic hateful art teacher that told me – Literarily told me, that I couldn’t draw. I didn’t draw properly for about five years, and I can only blame myself for that and not her. Still a bitch though. Funny enough though, when I was in college I bumped into her, she had left my past school to work in another college.

the-hardest-spongebob-face-quiz-youll-ever-take-2-22556-1441304801-1_bigI had this face on when she asked me what I was doing with myself. Before I joined college I got back on track, I started drawing and it was a great feeling! So I decided to look into other areas. In college I studied Interactive Media with Video Games, which of course, covered all sorts of Media and… Video Games! One thing you’ll learn about Niles is that I’m a huge video game nerd. I grew up with video games I lived video games!! Now I loved my college course, I had a fantastic tutor/teacher, who I can safely say has been the best throughout my whole learning years, and the college was good as well. And it really made me think about my future. I’ve always wanted to do art with video games, even when I was young, even when I wasn’t drawing. Concept art was my main field, it still is really.

I even pursued it into University. When I was in college though, I learned more about comics, I guess that’s when it really sunk in. Now with this art teacher I had the pleasure of telling her that I was in college drawing and I had just been accepted into University, and was going to be drawing. (Well, so I thought at the time!) All I got was an, “Oh, good for you!” God frigging damn it! Bitch. I wanted her to wollow, not congratulate me!

So you learnt a little bit about Niles there!

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