Equal to the Rate of Change


Most of know those words, they come from Newton’s second law.

See, I’m might be a bad mouthed, drawing manic, ranting retard and comic nerd, but I am quite knowledged if I say so myself! (We’ll exclude the bad grammar and spelling checks, but I’m good at other things!)

CD is full of random knowledge that I’ve learnt over the past three years, and funny enough – None of it was during my education practise.

With the Joy twins I was constantly fuelling myself with information about acceleration. Now, dear reader, if you follow my work to the better end with my story, you’ll find out why acceleration and these twins go together well. The most strangest combination – I know!

As you’ll know through my other works of art, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of these twins. My brain is purely awesome.

When I was finalising them funny enough it was through a manga that I wouldn’t normal read, because it had vampires in it. Anything that associates with Twilight (even typing the word gives me the heebie jeebies) I avoid like the plague. I don’t know why because vampires can be completely different in other stories – But anything with vampires, werewolves and funny looking female lead roles just sends me on edge. Back to it!

I came across Warau Kyuuketsuki, also known as The Laughing Vampire. I’ve always loved old school, horror-gory, manga. It has a certain unique look and they are generally freaky! The Laughing Vampire isn’t that long and is only split into two parts, volume one being five chapters and volume two being thirteen chapters. The chapters are pretty long, I think most of them are 60 pages each, but of course it’s easy to sail by.

Now it’s not really about vampires, more about people that are cursed to live forever. It just so happens that they hate sunlight and they drink blood from their victims – No fangs! They kill and do what they need to do. But this follows a young boy who travels down that path, and the character was really striking to me!

original.jpg  He became the final puzzle piece as it were. Now I’ve forgotten his name, (nice one Niles) and I’m not going through those pages again just to find it!

But if you’re interested in that sort of thing like I am, then check it out here. I will warn you though it’s not tame and it doesn’t hold back for the reader. I mean, it even disturbed me a little – Just a little!






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