Just… Don’t Say Anything.


Just don’t. Seriously, don’t.

A few weeks back I came across a competition on a art community site, and I thought – Why not check it out! More coverage, get out there a bit more, plus it would be fun!

Oh it couldn’t be anymore fun!

This was apart of a group that loved sharing panty art. If you’re  not aware of the Japanese culture – The media of anime and manga, have a big thing about booties and panties. Panty shots, changing panties – You name it! I’ve actually come across some really good art, it seems strange, especially for those that live outside of Asia- But I find it rather entertaining and quirky!

Anyway, this group was just that. But it was bad. I mean, the art was bad, the… Ah, everything. It proves that when Japan has a concept and the Western audience wish to pass it on, they get it completely wrong! Such as the ‘notice me senpai’, which was really started off by big Youtuber, Pewdiepie. Whose recently become the fan of Japanese media. But that’s just gone over board!

And it’s the same with panties. For some reason, this makes bad art, good art! What people comment on there is just strange, that a disfigured, anime character with really strange limbs and bad lighting is ‘hot’. What?! I’ve produced hotter poop than that!

I really am sorry, once again, I’m ranting about others art – These people are doing it for fun and clearly enjoy it to put it up. But come on! Tasteful, please! Again, the Japanese do it better.

Now I’ve been really picking on the Joy twins lately, so much so that I feel really bad whenever I look at them! But why them?

Every piece of art on that group was female – I kid you not, not one male genital in sight! I know when you say the word panties people think of women, girls in uniform – That sort of thing. But you do get male panties! Look them up! But be warned – There’s so strange content.

So for a twist and to stand out I did the twins! Oh, and did I stand out! I’m still the only one to submit men.

But for this piece I didn’t think much of it, it was just for fun and I never expected to continue past the sketch stage. But I hope you enjoy – Whether if you are into this sort of thing or not!

I hope you will value the work of anatomy and craft that went into this.


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