The Difference in Leadership


I really like drawing Church and Marcus together. Whether if it’s a sketch, a serious piece, posing or chapters, I’ve always valued the moments they have.

You might think it strange, I’ve talked about my characters like they’re real people, that they exist – Soon as my mind and my world evolves around CD 24/7, yes, I do treat them like real people. Maybe that’s why they’re such good characters, why they’ve developed well, because I treat them like my own.

I have one half sibling, a brother, who I adore. But unfortunately I’m not blessed to know what it’s like to grow up with a sibling from a very young age up until adulthood. To experience the good and the bad, grow up together and support one another. I guess that’s why twins appeal to me, such as the Joy twins creation – I’ve always loved a bond that cannot be broken unless you let it so.

With Church and Marcus I wanted them to have a bond that truly cannot be broken, even when they’re against one another or battling hard times that cannot be solved – They manage to keep a hidden bond that only they can understand. I guess that’s what they call ‘pure love’.

I did this at the beginning of the year when I was starting to get more colourful – Colourful is an understatement here! But I love it all the same. It was also a time when I was experimenting with filling up space. I’ve always been told with my work I always have good white space, especially with my sketches. But I wanted to really get down and learn how to fill space correctly. You’ll see that my work has a lot of ‘random’ lines, patterns and shape – They’re not random, believe me! There’s a reason for everything in my art! But you might find them random, even more so if you’re not aware of the story.

I feel like I’ve captured their personalities perfectly here. The title ‘The Difference in Leadership’, is just that – They’re leaders of an army with two different personas, and of course they approach situations differently – This can cause issues but can also make something great. They can relate but disagree. Church is not so much as cheeky, but he has a streak about him that tends to come out, something he use to be like, something he hides, something he cannot help but let out. Marcus is the cool and collected one, but always on the tips of his toes – He cannot help but feel nervous and edgy on the inside, which is why he’s watching you.

I hope you’ll like and enjoy! Of course I have many more to show you, so don’t forget to follow and share. Oh, and you can keep up to date with CD’s chapters! Enjoy!

Copyright © -2016- -Niles-. All rights reserved.
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