Move Over! There’s a new hotness in town!


Now, fellow reader. You know I love a good sketch, right? Oh I love a good sketch!

Quickly drawing out a scene for the LLP squad is one of my favourite things to do. Because they are such a well functional team with different personalities, it’s fun to see the result. Also – The height difference is very entertaining, poor little Pavla cannot compare to either Leal or Loukian’s height.

But I love this. It can say a lot – That they’re ready to take on a task, no matter what it is. Either physical or psychological – They’re ready! That’s the sort of team they are and that’s why they deserve the top positon. They all seems to have a different sort of cocky attitude. Loukian, even though he’s not holding a smirk, clearly seems disinterested and relaxed. Leal, confident and cocky with his head back and leaning forward a little, he’s just ready and waiting. And Pavla, clearly ready to spring on the balls of his feet, stretching to limber up and maybe even make himself look bigger than what he is!

I love this team and I hope you’ll grow to love them too – Enjoy!

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