My Trickster


Manus manum lavat – Gaius Petronius Arbiter

One hand washes the other

Would it surprise you that I’m a little bit cultured? Even though you can find a lot of quotes from any language these days, I’ve taken the time for the last two years to learn a little bit of Latin. And its hard.

When I was younger I learnt French and German and over the last 5+ years I’ve been indulged in Japanese – But Latin… Ah, Latin. And CD has a bit of Latin in it, Church’s first language, is Latin!

But I’ll go more into that after I talk about the picture, so continue reading afterwards if you’re interested.

I’ve always loved the idea of ‘opposites attract’. Like with a lot of media such as comics/manga, you’ll always find that the good and the bad guy have something in common, something they can relate to and goals they wish to pursue. In a way, these people get on better than any other character – Because they can relate. They just so happen to be working on different planes and have separate ways of thinking. I like that, it means you, yourself, as the reader, can relate to both parties and figure which side you feel more comfortable at.

This is the reason why my two main protagonists are male and female, opposites attract. I understand that that’s not the case with everyone – We’re capable of attraction of the same sex – But roll with me on this one. Not only do with have different mind sets of the male and female, the sexual attraction and the need to push the other away, we also have the bonding between two people putting aside the little difference and supporting one another.

I like this piece – It speaks of a form of manipulation. Now, don’t get me wrong dear reader, I’m not supportive of manipulative relationships – In fact I believe it can be bad story telling. But I’ve taken this to a different step.

With the opposite sex (or same) you can tell when someone wants to get into your pants – Yeah, sorry – Niles is just going to have a moment to make you feel a little uncomfortable! There’s just something in the air – You just know, right? It’s just basic animalistic instincts. Anyway, a great form of manipulation is by being friendly, mixing up those emotions a little bit. Because that person wants to get into your pants – They’ll do anything for you! And I believe everyone has done this in their lives, whether if we realise it or not.

And the funny thing is, we may not be interested in that other person. We just might need some shit done and it’s a bonus that they wish to do it for you! Bonus!

It’s not that these two want to get into each others pants, they wish to do the opposite – But find it very difficult to do so. They’re around one another a lot, they’re in each other heads, their attraction is somewhat beautiful yet wrong all the same. I can’t say too much as it would ruin the story and the development of these two characters, but Church and Emma have one hell of an emotional ride to explore. To do with their past and their present.

But remember, they’ve been seen together a lot, have a lot of interactions and clearly care for one another, but that doesn’t mean their attraction is a form of companionship. They’re people that are good together, but not right for one another. I guess my question here is; Who’s the monster, and who is the trickster?

They’re one of both, but all the same.

Now back to my rambles on languages.

Now I believe that in the Western world it was mandatory to learn Latin during your school years and to this day I still don’t know why they don’t anymore. I know it’s not something we’d use and is pretty much useless in the real world – But it’s cool, man! I went to Germany three times at school and not once did I speak German! Because these days everyone can speak English! Of course, out of respect, I did try. But most residences go super happy crazy that you’re English and wish to speak the same tongue as you!

But, I frigging love Germany. Twice I was in Rhineland and my third trip was Cologne – During Christmas season! Frigging loved it and the people couldn’t have been nicer.

But enough about my love of Germany, I could say that about a lot of places.

Most languages for me have been self taught. At school they really concentrated on languages for some strange reason. For five years from age 12 – 16 my school made it out like those exams were more important than your English or Maths. (Could explain why we’re now screwy as adults!) But my school was backwards like that. And seem to put more money into these holiday trips over new history text books. But the funny thing was that classes were boring. Most of the time you’d be watching a cheesy show on TV with the selected language – Learnt nothing from it! Even better, the teachers seem to know a little bit of the language itself, but weren’t really willing to teach it – Weird.

So the very little I did learn was self taught and from residences when we visited – I learnt more from a German fello who ran a ice-cream shop more than a years worth of classes!

I guess this sort of practise would be good if you were to work abroad or go into the language career, but soon as I’m the only one from my schooling generation to leave my home town I’d say it was a waste of our time!

I come from quite a small town – you know, where everyone knows anyone’s business. And most people who are born there end up dying there – My mother and I make up this joke that everyone’s inbred because the people living their seems to have something wrong with their face and a funny way in walking – Mean, I know! But it’s true!

I hope you like the picture though, dear reader. It’s something different. I wish I could go into more depth with it all but again, I’d be giving things away. But images speak differently to everyone and everyone picks up a different meaning – Hey, if it strikes a thought for you – Give me comment! I’d love to hear what you have to say about it. Enjoy!

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