Your Evil-



What is your evil? Such as, what would you ‘class’ as evil. Whether if it’s a colour, a design, pattern, look to face-personality – Anything! What is evil for you?

Now unfortunately I believe that there’s no such thing as ‘good and evil’. Yeah, I’m one of those people! But we’re never really more towards evil or more towards good. Just because we might commit more ‘good’ deeds in our lives than ‘evil’ doesn’t mean that we’re ‘good’, right?

Such as, you might hold a lot of charity events and have helped change many lives, yet you still watch porn with an actress with a questionable legal age. That’s a little dramatic of course! But you get the picture, (and we all know there’s someone in the world like that anyway.)

For me when it comes to the world ‘evil’, I always think of the colour green. Funny enough, it’s my favourite colour! I even went through a very unusual stage in my teenage years where I would wear nothing but green tops – Yeah. And I’d still pick green over a lot of colours with any decision making! An example would be my art, some of my best pieces have a lot of green tones in them.

For me, green is about manipulation and greed, something that states as materialistic. But green also states as balance and growth, so I guess it’s down to how the individual would see it, but to me – A lot of our ‘evil characters’ in the world tend to lean towards this. We all have beloved bad guys that rain terror on the world whether if it’s world domination on cash, they all want something. They all have a goal and nothing gets in their way – apart from the good guy! But there’s always something interesting about our villains, that most of the time – They’re really not that bad!

There’s a lot of theories around that the bad guys actually set a balance within their world, create a different type of hope – And that, just somehow, the good guy never really achieves. And when they win disaster strikes again, but in a different way so that the reader is convinced that the good guy has saved the day again – When really they haven’t.

Another for me would be the characters eyes. Even though this can apply to good guys as well, although you’ll still find them a little screwy, there’s something readable about their eyes. That they’ve seen a lot and lived to tell the tale, and wish to never be hurt again. You can almost see the barrier there to keep people away. Also, dark circles around the eyes – Whether if its sleep deprived or from extensive amount of crying, to me, there’s something about dark eyes that create this forbidding look about someone.

So, dear reader. When you think of evil for characters, what do you think of?

Oh, and the shoes? Damn I wear them all the time! I stuck them on this guys because I’m just the purest form of evil!

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