Out with the old. In with the new.

After some thought I decided to let something that I love and cherished go after two years in August – Two years! Where has the time gone? Chapter five of CD will be out soon and soon as that’s the half way point for volume one I thought I could get away with it – Changing volume one’s cover.

After a while I started to slowly – I’d like to think of another word – Dislike my cover. I love the passion but the style doesn’t speak CD to me. (Sounds strange, I know!) I was very proud when I did this this piece and still am, I still remember what I did on that day as well. This is even on canvas that my mother proudly owns, so it’s something I keep quite close to me.

But out with the old and in with the new – They say!

My style has changed dramatically over CD’s time, as it should. But I didn’t realise it would be a full blown change. I used to do very bold line work and colours, a major painted effect – But now it’s turned either neutral or striking with messy painting work, patterns and misty eyes. Of course I’m still learning, I’m still not there – And I probably never will be in my eyes!

But it’s nice to slowly adapt into Crying Data’s world as it’s been a difficult ride to get where I am today – And I’ve just started. I’m looking forward to my artistic future now that I’ve seen the full improvement!

The original cover was black and white as you can see, but because I was working with a lot of bold colours at the time for some reason I thought about adding colour, to which the golden effect was created. I know what the problem with that one is – Waaaayy too saturated!

A lovely colour in all but it could do with toning down.

You might even recognise the style and colour palette if you’re a regular – The colour palette was taken from my piece ‘The Poisonous Rose’, which is one of my favourite pieces.

I’m correctly working on future volume covers along with future pages, so I hope you’ll look forward to seeing what I have to offer! I find that my artwork is a selling point for my graphic novel, so I make it my mission to really improve and develop my painting.

Hope you like the new design! If you’d like put down a comment and tell me what you think, give your thoughts on the old covers, it would be interesting to hear what others think!


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