Dare you to be bad!


Go on, I dare you!

Triple dare you!

I’ll even throw in a cookie.

Scratch that.

If you’re a regular here then you’ll know that I’m far from shy of the ‘taboo’ subjects. If not… Surprise! Nothing but poop, sex and prettiness here I’m afraid.

But in all seriousness; I love the human body. Love it. The way we’re put together, how the joints move and how the muscles follow, how both genders have there own body language – whether if it’s walking, standing, sitting – You get the deal. I’m a major study person, I’m that one creepy individual in the corner of a café staring at you over my coffee or as you walk by the window – Sorry, I do that a lot. I look to how peoples feet land on the ground, how they walk – How someone pulls a certain face at a particular subject, what they do with their hands when they talk to different people. People are easy to read and it’s too damn entertaining!

I find the more you study people in public the more aware you become of the human anatomy – Succeeding in understanding that when it comes to drawing people.

Now, back to daring you. I dare you, dear reader, to be naughty for once! I love erotic images, I really do – And that’s not in a pervy – wank to the screen sort. I love it because it’s beautiful. Our bodies tell others who we really are, how confident, shy, adventurous and wonderful we are!

Human beings are beautiful. Toxic – But beautiful.

Yes, the media has put on a negative image on the word ‘sex’ and ‘erotic’. We class it with crimes, pornography and the brain washing of our children – Like your child isn’t interested in the world of sex before 13! These day’s it’s everywhere, yes. But back in the day they still would have had animal instincts, to explore and learn. That’s how we become better and stronger humans as adults. Plus, we have a lot to thank the authors such as Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey for the terribly written sexual/romance chemistry – Not, I believe a book burning is in order.

There’s no such thing as too much or too little. ‘Oh, I’m seeing too much there!’ Bullhonky. You’ve see someone naked and more than likely done the act, there’s no such thing. I understand that some people are not interested in the matter, that there’s no need for the subject- I really do understand it. But just take a break and understand what I’m saying here, because I look at it from a different light.

Whether if it’s a picture, video, illustration or sketch – I value the study, work and beauty of that piece. I draw in manga style so I’m very much into the Japanese media and how they handle the world of sex – Which is very open. But I’ve also taken to looking at realistic illustrations. People really explore and create fantastic work! And clearly even do their research – wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Yes, research! You have to do it! Looking at good old sex acts is something we’ve all done in our coming of age – Don’t you lie to me, dear reader. You naughty, you.

There’s one picture that I’m saving till last because, well, it’s naughtier than the first. And even though I might talk about this openingly on the internet – I still value and think about the young ones out there to not spot it right at the top. I’m more afraid of their parents than scaring the poor kid – Those people bite! But warning, it’s graphic – But it was so fun to do!

So dear reader, do you have what it takes? Just naughty not anything too rough and tumble! If you’re an artist for that sort of thing, link your work below! I’d love to see what you have to offer.

Have a good one – You naughty thing, you!

wink, wink, nudge, nudge


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