You know when there’s just that one individual that’s just a total eyesore? That they get on your nerves just from their very being? When this happens I think; What would Church do?

Beat the crap out of them, of course.

But I can’t do that, there’s rules behind that – Damn.

Something that I rarely talk about is how the characters so far and those that will appear is where their origin really came from.

People who I dislike.

I say dislike because hate is quite a strong word. Something like ‘I hate tomato’s’ is more realistic. (But really I do.) And I can safely say that in my life, there’s only one person I could actually say I hate. But again, I have to think strongly on that.

But yes, CD characters are actually inspired by people I have disliked in the past or even those that I happen to pass by. We’re all inspired by something or someone by their actions or personalities and just tend to magnify them. The reason why it’s people I dislike is because, well, I have a lot of people I dislike! And funny and annoyingly enough, as humans, we tend to enjoy negativity and drama and of course they stick with us longer than those happy memories.

Such as, you remember that time we went to -insert beach name here-? And that bird attacked your chips? That was when you dumped me wasn’t it?!

Instead of thinking about that funny memory… You remember being dumped on a beach! Now I’ve not been dumped on a beach. (You’re going to have to believe me on that one.) And maybe that was a bit much as an example, but you get the point!

When I started CD I wanted all drama and as little as possible negative encounters as I could possibly avoid. It’s hard enough doing a comic by yourself let alone all that going on! So in order to get rid of stress and remove all those lingering thoughts going through my overly hyperactive brain I took it out on my characters – And I believe it might have helped them develop more and become that little more realistic.

With my head, I tend to keep things locked up and analyse them continuously. I still have thoughts of five+ in the past running through my head asking stupid and pointless questions! And then stress about them, even though I know it’s already been done. I guess you’d say I suffer from anxiety but I’m a firm believer that I don’t. I think naturally we all think like this, I guess some of us just know how to handle it better and what’s better, forget about it.

So there you have it! Niles’ guide to beating the jackasses within the laws boundaries! I’d still just rather use my fist, but hey! What can you do?

Still beat their sorry ass.

Copyright © -2016- -Niles-. All rights reserved.
Registered with the UK Copyright Service. Registration No: -284701138-

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