Another Pointless Holiday


I guess this is something I could get use to doing! Small sketch pages of an event – Love it! I’ve never been one for holidays and frankly even when it comes to the light of Christmas – I’m still not a big fan. All that fuss for one day in the year, where you spend too much money on pointless gear and in reality – Have stupid ass arguments with whoever you spend the holidays with – Plus there’s never anything on TV. Also everything grinds to a frigging halt! I’m just not for it.

What really fudges me off is these little ‘holidays’ such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – Valentines Day! The list could continue. It’s just filled with bad adverts and expensive tat and the worst part is, if you don’t do something on those days – Society sees you as a bad individual! I see you as the mugs, good sir!

I could be getting this all wrong mind, it might seem great to most.

Still pointless, though.


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