A Naughty Fact

Warnings do apply; Adult content!

Like I give a damn about those warnings – But hey, got to keep those stuffy individuals happy!

Quite recently myself and a few other artists that just so happen to draw nudity were hit with individuals that felt ‘disturbed’ by our artwork. Yes, the word disturbed! As others went to apologize and change filters ect – I stayed the same. And replied, as nicely as I could, to ask them why they would click on an image that clearly contains nudity/sexual content, knowing full well that they feel some sort of ‘negativity’ towards it – Then decided to fill in a complaint form/or email the artist.

Those that know me as Niles know what I’m like – You as the reader, know what I’m like. (Either that or you’re a total pervert and clicked on this because the title had the word ‘naughty’ in it – I can’t blame you!)

And of course, I’ll repeat myself in which I state on most of my artwork – I understand and respect that some people don’t want to see images like it/or just simply not interested. I understand, seriously I do. What I don’t understand is why these individuals go out of their way to cause drama. Whether if they’re ‘trolling’ or not, they’re attacking someone’s creativity. And to be reported, well, on a lot of sites that’s an instant ban. Lucky enough, I haven’t been reported – Just a lot of damn hate mail. But guess what? Your greatest fans are your haters!

Soon as I haven’t had a reply from these individuals as of yet, I will take it as a ‘troll’. Till then, I’m watching those brats!

Now of course this is a naughty fact post. I’ve had to explain a few things before getting down to it and using another cover image, not to please those that hate nudity, but so that this fact can actually stay on the internet. Soon as some people seem interested in facts on CD I don’t want others to spoil it for them, so this time I’m taking a safe route.



Recently I came across some really old notes, because -cough- CD is two years old in August! If you could see me, I’m crying. But in seriousness – When I find notes no longer useful I just file them away, no idea is chucked. And going through them was certainly an adventure and one that struck me, something that I truly forgot about – Was that I put Emma and Marcus together at one point.

Frigging weird. Those two are awkward as hell together in the comic now.

I’ve said before that Church and Emma had a hatred for one another at one point and the next they were together and then they’re not. I remember that physical relationships were becoming so complicated that I almost decided on giving up on that sort of genre. But the story developed and eventually, the characters could be physical. But yes, Emma and Marcus – So, because I found it mildly amusing and interesting, I decided to quickly sketch out a scene and see what could have been – Kinda hot really!

The story at the time was that Emma was apart of the Life Army to begin with and went up the ranks and formed the top squad – And that time the LLP squad were working under Roscoe, not Church and Marcus! And it just so happens that Emma and Marcus become close. That’s an ‘aww’ factor right there.

Something else was interesting –


I found the very first sketch of Church and Marcus which was dated almost three years ago! So I did a compare.

The reason why I say CD is two years old other than three is because I date it from the time I officially stated the final title. The original was ‘The Man of Dreams’ and to me, that’s now scrapped work.

Enjoy! You bunch of perverts, you!

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