The Fall of Anxiety


Bla! Teeth – Again! Hate them, hate all of them! If you’re a regular then you’ll know that, well, I hate teeth. Really hate teeth.

I suffer from a lot of nightmares that surround around the subject, such as pulling them out along with them cracking… Ugh. Just the thought-

Anyway! I’ve said many times before that the symbolism of teeth is used a lot in CD. Church’s new nightmarish-friend just so happens to have a nasty pair itself. And of course the Smiles Clans recent masks had teeth on them too. But nothing worse to me is a chair made from them. Bla, again!

Now apparently teeth in your dreams are meant to signify anxiety – As far as I’m aware, I don’t suffer from such a thing – So if you have any idea what that is about let me know! Because I’m just going to stick with the thought that maybe I have unfinished business with the tooth bloody fairy.

I’ve been drawing Marcus a lot lately. Not only has he had a lot of face time with pages I’ve been working on, but you’ll also know that I’ve recently done a post on old notes I found of him and Emma. And its been nice drawing him, he’s got this cool nature of authority and kindness but with a hint of danger underneath. His pastel green hair and tanned skin makes him stand out from the other characters in a nice and simple way from all the bright colours they all sport. But of course, like all my characters – Marcus is far from innocent!

In a way Marcus does suffer from light anxiety, his job as General doesn’t help too much.

I like the palate here, it’s nice and soft and not too daring on the eyes. It almost looks dull but I believe it works nicely for the mood. Enjoy!

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