Creative Tension


When I’m hit with something repeatedly, instead of grabbing said object and striking them repeatedly back, I slowly poke them in areas just to test the waters. And then finally, one day, I hit a nerve that’s so intense, the attacker will not only feel foolish, they’ll never strike me again!

I guess this tack tick works on the internet as well.


You readers know me well enough already, if not… Well I don’t know. Let’s be friends? Anyway, you guys know that I’m one to talk about anything and everything and that goes with my drawings and storytelling as well. Of course, there’s a lot worse out there! But in the Western world I’m still quite an oddity, well that’s what the internet points out to me anyway! I see a lot of strange work, fan art and characters with massive pee pees and boobers that would knock any human off balance, and of course those strange erotic cartoon characters going at it like monkeys that make you cringe for weeks. Yet those works are what ‘sells’… I’m sorry. You won’t find me enjoying myself with my sex hanging out while looking at these images! Actually, I wonder what people do when they look at these works… Do they stare for a few minutes then click away? Or…? I don’t know! (Going off track again).

It seems like once again, humans are afraid of the human body! For a society that’s built on obsessions with ‘good looks’ and ‘perfect bodies’, most half squeal when they see skin! They’re fine with underwear and bikinis… But remove that thin layer of clothing? God for frigging bid!

I can hear you now; “Niles, you’re ranting again. I can see where this is going y’know, you’re going to complain about complaints towards your noody works, aren’t you?”

Too damn right! Know why? Because this is my site and I’m pissed. Picture a slab of meat with crossed arms poking their tongue out at you. (Sorry) (Not so sorry)

You guys know I like naked, I live naked – I am naked! You… Didn’t need to know that part. I like drawing it and if you’ve read my CD chapter 6, the ‘Niles’ Notation’ at the very end, you’ll know that I’m very aware of the four parts of the human brain and where one part is still there and really shouldn’t be – Our animal brain. It’s the oldest part of us and sits snuggly under all of our other little brain cells. That part is hungry, scared, selfish and horny. We’re currently at the top of the food chain! The masters of the Earth! Yet we still keep this pointless feature.

“But Niles! That helps us during fight or flight!” Na! Don’t be silly! Those instincts are something that taps into us during danger automatically. If you’re gonna get squished and you’re going to let it squish you… Well… That’s your own silly fault! Fact of the matter is, there’s nothing to be scared of, we have no predators – No sabretooth tiger to nom us in our sleep. We don’t need to be selfish, we have enough resources, the rich will always be rich – What’s the problem? I guess that can go in with the hungry part as well! And as for horny, we’re over populated! We shouldn’t feel the need to breed! Put a lid of it if you seek pleasure, but jeez… Guys – There’s screaming kids everywhere! Please, put a lid on it!

Our society is fuelled by sex, that’s why are brains haven’t evolved. And mankind won’t evolve until our society changes its socially retarded, baby making ways. That will be way past our life time! We’d have to kill of most of our generations and make sure that the babies of the planet start a-new – Jeez, such work!

So. When someone comes to me, telling me they hate my work – Okay, I’ll listen! I need to learn. Don’t reply with ‘your work encourages moronic decisions and creates early temptations’. I mean… Ugh, what does that even mean? Are you telling me that when people look at my work, look at other peoples work that’s similar to my own… People turn into morons and search the dirtiest porn they can find? Really? I must be one hell of a horny moron then! It’s like people deny the fact they were once young and curious and never once went out of their way to look at a dirty picture. I’ve said this before – Many favourite TV shows and films have graphic sex scenes, people love it! But god forbid if you see a picture… So, sound effects, music, moaning, moving pictures… A piece of art is worse than pushing all your senses at once…? Okay! When is Marz open again?

I’m sorry. But no. I’m sorry for ranting once again! When I’m hit with ‘your work is too graphic’ it never effects me – And it must seem the opposite when I’m ranting here, but it doesn’t. It annoys me, but it doesn’t plague me and make me loose sleep – I don’t feel the need to protest about it. I just feel the need to get the message across a little, in a very strange and annoying fashion.

So when you are hit with an erotic piece of art, whether if it involves intercourse, pee pees – stiff or floppy soft, boobers that or too big or microscopic – Please, please take a moment to evaluate the piece and really mull over it. Artist don’t draw these things because they’re filthy perverts – Well… If they’re under sixteen then there’s a guarantee that they’ve fallen for a fictional character and wish to unleash their frustrations upon the world – There’s always hidden secrets in these works, even if it’s barely anything such as where a hand caresses – big or small, there’s always something.

Now I’ve currently got a wiener obsession. There’s this piece and another to come – HOPEFULLY that will be the end of that. Because drawing wieners is hard – Not that sort of hard you filthy pervert – Just hard, okay!

Right, I think I’m done… And if you’re one of my biggest fans, by that I mean my haters – Like the little paragraph at the top, every time you hit me with something, I won’t reply back to you. But rest assure, I’ll be back the next day to grace your beautiful eyes with my work! And it will be ten times more naked than the last! (If that’s even possible!)

So relax! Enjoy! I give you a steamy scene! I say I’m doing quite well on sex complaints. For someone who’s only released six characters with only two sex scenes… Where you really don’t see much – I’ll say I’m doing pretty well. If that doesn’t make you feel silly, then I don’t know what will!

And for those that enjoy my work, I bow to you and thank you for your support – I hope I’ll continue to please you. Ah, sorry for the rant as well – But hey, it was fun right?! Enjoy!

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