Nothing is Strange


At this rate, I think I might end up doing a ‘getting funky with flowers’ collection! Believe me, I don’t know where this strangeness with flowers came from. But here’s another fact for you, like with the last piece;

FACT: Aconitum flowers, also known as wolf’s bane, are deadly poisonous.

Bare with me for a moment as I think while typing this, because really I don’t know why this theme has popped about. I love flowers, I grew up with them as a kid and the messages, meanings and their evolution intrigues me. CD really is about destroying beauty, sucking the life out of it and replacing it with something repulsive. I use flowers as a symbolism throughout the chapters. I deal with a lot of adult themes, as you would have noticed and creating pain and suffering with it is something that’s widely used as well. I can’t say that the manhood of a male is just as beautiful yet as poisonous like this flower, or that they violate others.

I reckon the symbolism behind ‘blowing a flower’ isn’t just about the obvious of ‘blowing’ manhood, it’s about the violation of other people. How we as humans violate everything around us, how we rape this planet. It seems crude and meaningless to say such words but really we do, humans destroy everything. Assault in any form can be damaging to an individual depending on their state of mind, and clearly here, the individual is not all there. I guess I could say a form of brain washing – We’ve all heard the terms ‘grooming’ or ‘manipulation’, actually I guess those words are really the same thing.


Sorry dear reader! In a way, it’s nice to write down my thoughts as I go and then share them instead of editing it all out. You might end up confused – Maybe you already are!

In case you are wondering about the sex of this individual, they don’t have one. Of course, we’re all born with a gender, even if we’re not conceived the ‘natural’ way. But right now this person doesn’t have a gender, the genitals have been removed and the sexual organs no longer occupy the body. This person has a unique position in the world. It’s strange because on art sites, people comment calling this individual ‘she’. I guess in a way they look feminine, but to me when drawing the body, I was thinking of a plain male mannequin.

Interesting story actually. The morning after releasing this image, I got a private message through from another creator informing me that they’re planning to report me. Want to know the reason? Because they believed that this image was child pornography.

I’ll, ah. I’ll just let that one sink in for a minute or two.

What do you think? For one, I couldn’t help but laugh. Because this is an illustrated piece, not a graphic photograph. For one, you can’t do someone in for artwork, that’s just silly. There’s also the fact that this body is clearly a mature from zero to some gender, I could also point out that this person is of course, over the age of 18. What disturbed me more was that this person immediately thought this was child pornography, after pointing this out to them that it was disturbing on their part, funny enough, I never got a reply back. Thankfully I wasn’t blocked off or reported for one, but that’s not the point. Being accused of such a thing does bad reputation for not only me, but for those that draw what I draw as well – And more importantly, it’s damaging to myself and my loved ones.

I kid you not, this wasn’t some ‘troll’ or ordinary goer of the social media, it was someone who creates comics themselves. (And, I hate branding but they were open about this, they’re a feminist, (and a hardcore one of that)) Once again, the community has let me down again by not opening their minds and embracing weird. Rules and regulations, even this industry has them. All in all, I guess I could safely say that this person clearly disliked the theme of this work, and may have found it confusing and almost distressing, as they did go out of their way to have a small yet pointless conversation with me about it.

I guess that I should also add, that all characters that are placed in certain situations are over the ages of 18. And when I release images I make sure that there is some adult filter and disclaimer/warning before hand. On here is a different matter, my rules! Those that look for me know what I’m about and if you’re new it doesn’t take you that long to notice that I’m a kinky little ass hole, good day! But I have all kinds of respect towards manipulation, sexual assault and torture in anyway towards an individual. My work and my words are not there to insult, upset or discourage others, I’m merely here as an artist creating a world to hopefully make people think and embrace different.

But I like this piece, just as much as I liked my ‘Poisonous Round’ illustration. So maybe I’ll be blowing flowers again soon. (Oh god, I can see a new saying I’m going to be obsessed with now.) Just another fact, because I’ve been asked this before; the gag is called a ‘spider gag’. It’s original design was used for horses and balls but the SM community found another use for it among other animal restraining devices.

Have a good one traveller, and embrace the weird!

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