First Shout Out!

Today was a little different. A pal got hold of me and sent me a link through, and that link just so happened to show me the first sight of happiness that I thought I’d never feel-

The first ‘fan art’ piece of Crying Data. I’ve never even thought about that sort of thing before, and for someone out there to spend a little bit of their time to draw characters that I created, because they like them… Well that’s mind blowing. So here’s my first shout out with the biggest thanks I can give!


Shout out to Trolloman_09. Who created the first fan works. Thank you my friend. It’s unfortunate to see that this person isn’t so active in drawing, so hopefully with a little encouragement they’ll submit more – Because once upon a time, little Niles first started drawing like this!

Because I was so moved by their support, effort and time that they put into this, I contacted them and sent them my own personal traditional piece. (Makes a change!)

They’ve made the impossible possible – Church can be adorable. (It’s that little stump of Marcus’ that keeps making me chuckle!)


(I’m now officially out of red ink.)

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