Feckin’ Boo.

halloweenthing I kind of envy those that are taking part in ‘Inktober’ or ‘Goretober’ for this months daily sketches. Basically if you’re not aware of this concept during the month of October the art community do daily sketches from the beginning of the month to the end, everyday and uploaded everyday. And the theme; of course it has to be scary. Inktober is just what it says on the tin, ink sketches for a scary picture. Goretober is the same, only a little more extreme and is mainly seen around the Tumblr community. This can be as extreme as you want it to be with little boundaries – You very rarely see cheesy skeleton drawings in this category.

But I love this time of year. It’s autumn, beautiful colours are setting in, the temperature is just right, frosty mornings, spooky scary stuff all around – And of course, all the sweets are on show in local stores!!

But this is the month I love most when it comes to creativity, it’s nice to see what others find scary and how they approach others to scare them. Now I’m not so easy to freak out, I find horror movies entertaining and thrilling, it’s the thrillers that get me the most – Give me a jump scare and you’ll see me on the other side of town! Give me gore and I’m either laughing on the floor or watching with sparkly eyes… Or both, you pick. It takes a lot to really get to me though, but recently I’ve become close with a Japanese artist that draws a lot of decaying/dead bodies with the loved ones that cannot except their passing – And at first, that really got to me. Actually I felt rather disturbed while looking through them. But after a while and scanning through a couple of times, I began to see the beauty behind it. The message behind their work and just the pure simplicity behind their style makes it interesting and intriguing. To check out huki’s work.

And I’m ranting again.

Back to my envious state! So Inktober/Goretober is a great opportunity for everyone and anyone to pick up a pen and draw everyday and show off their pieces to fellow art nerds who are doing it themselves. A lot of online communities set up forms to show off work everyday to one another, some even say that if you miss a day, you fail… I’m trying to figure out if there’s a prize and what the aim of this is but hey! You fail if you miss a day! But it’s really great for people who love drawing but don’t find the time in the day to do it or find it difficult to gain any motivation to do something. It’s a nice little set goal for them. I’ve been asked a few times as to why I haven’t taken part and it’s simple really; Because I draw all day everyday. And I actually don’t have the motivation to join in! Silly, but I’m envious, because I’d like to be back at a stage where I needed the encouragement, but because now I’m working on my own projects, (you could say my passion has now become my job) it’s just not something I’m excited for.

But I am excited to see the talent that’s out there, soon as this has brought people out of their shell a little, it’s nice to see people pushing themselves and getting really stuck in with their creativity, and I look forward to seeing new pieces everyday. So for one day I decided; “Y’know what? I want to do this shite!”

So I did something very quickly. Yeah, that’s the best I can come up with this years October! Soon as I fit in more with the Goretober category, I kinda went to the extreme side. I’m hoping to do some set special Halloween imagines by the end of the month for Crying Data, just to get into the holiday season.

Have a spoooooky month!

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