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Unknown Comics


When we start something new and exciting the first thing we do is research, right? We start from the very bottom and make our way up slowly, asking questions along the way and getting those answers to store in those wonderful brains of ours. But of course not all the answers are out there. And surprisingly, even with the internet on our side, it can still be difficult just to find what you’re looking for even if the answer is as simple as it can get. As my fellow traveller you’ll know that I’m all about the arty farty side of things and of course, comics. Both subjects, even though they’re same, come under different mediums of course. And when I started out on the internet to find those delicious answers I found myself hitting a brick wall left, right and centre – And sometimes I still do! As I progress my questions become a lot more complicated and diverse, and with that come extreme and cryptic answers.

The internet is a great place though. And it allows us to connect and communicate in brilliant ways for us to progress further! (Don’t worry, I’ll get to my point eventually!) And what’s even better I’ve been able to connect and communicate with people who are on their own journey themselves down the creative trail. One of which stood out for me; Phillip Allen, the founder of Unknown Comics.

“Niles, what are you rambling on about now?” I hear you say! Ha,ha, my friend! For once I’m not rambling!

I came across Unknown Comics when I was looking more into the transitioning between Western and Eastern comics after reading one of Scott McCloud’s books. And that’s when I came across Phillip’s articles. Since then it’s been nice communicating with him and learning more from his thoughts about the industry.

Unknown Comics?!

Unknown Comics provides high quality content on the comic industry. Thinking about getting into comics? Just starting out? Maybe you’re already creating yet still learning? Or maybe you’re a hardcore professional who still needs a re-cap?! Check out the site. Have questions on how to build a comic? Maybe you want to know the difference in publishers? Check the goddamn site out! Phillip Allen goes in depth about this wonderful world of entertainment and takes the time to really research and develop his findings just for you, the reader, the learner and the creator. Questions that I’ve asked in the past that I wish I knew the answer to a long time ago are here – Subjects that don’t normally get covered, get covered here. When people know the answer to something they don’t feel the need to talk about it anymore, which is why sometimes you’ll come across a hole in the internet. The best part about Unknown Comics is not just that it’s informative, it embraces everyone around it. UC (Yes I’m cutting it down to this now!) encourages creators to come forward and talk about their experiences so that you can learn from it.

Come and have a peek at the site (It’s all linked above) and check out what these creators have to say and offer, you’ll be surprised. Maybe you’re a creator yourself and wish to communicate and teach further in the field, come along, drop a line and share your experiences! Don’t forget to check out the social links above as well to get updates. UC is a great up and coming site that still needs to be filled with knowledge to encourage and inspire others to get involved with comics! Come share your support and knowledge. (Don’t worry, they don’t bite.)

Also, maybe little Niles might have shared some knowledge on there as well… -Cough! Cough!-

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