The House of Completely Nothing


In todays society, especially around the entertainment section, we tend to put same sex characters that share any sign of affection towards one another as a ‘couple’. Or to put it simply, we go ‘shipping’! As much as this is harmless fantasy fun society likes to take it a little too far, maybe to the point of sicking or even turn you against your favourite works. When Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) first popped its ugly head to the world I used to be quite into it. I remember the day when my partner was browsing through the manga on the internet and started reading it, only to laugh out loud and turn to me laughing; “Have you seen this guys skull?! He has no skull!” And sure enough, Jean had no skull. In fact, every character was drawn so badly (even today with extra help), that body parts just looked deformed to the point where it was laughable.

But that’s enough of that. In the end of the day the concept was easy to understand and so at the time, it was interesting to read through it. Anyway, I can’t bad mouth it too much. Because if it wasn’t for Attack on Titan, then Crying Data would probably never have been born.

Now we all know about shipping and Attack on Titan has to be one of the biggest in the anime/manga community. Especially with our ErenxLevi or LevixEren – Which ever dicks big enough for the readers anyway – ANYWAY. I have someone close to me that used to send me smut during university, still does actually. And one day they were so shocked by some fan works that they sent it to me to get my opinion. Let’s say older Levi, little Eren of five and it has something to do with graphic bum fun. Now child pornography works isn’t illegal in art/writing form… As far as I know. And we know the areas it is – And rightly so. So I tried not to get disturbed over this fan work. But I did. It was too graphic for words and yes, very well written to get a reaction out of me! But the worst part was the comments, not a single one was put out. They loved it.

Now this is fans ruining fictional relationships of course and really doesn’t have much to do with anything, but it’s a good example of relationships of the same sex or even opposite, getting shipped to the point of no return. And I really do dislike it – As you can’t escape it! But that’s by the by.

“But Niles! You’ve drawn a shipping picture!” Ah, no, my friend!

Let me explain.

Your ancestors have sucked nob. Sorry to be so blunt. BUT HOW ELSE CAN I WORD IT?! Or they’ve gone clam hunting, either way – Your ancestors are bi. You might me bi! I’m bisexual, I find myself attracted to the same sex sometimes, not all the times, and not always sexually. My partner is off the opposite sex, but it doesn’t mean I’m straight.

A lot of character relationships work well, really well with male characters, because it’s a true bond of friendship and companionship.

Let’s think about sexual relations with a man and a woman. Both sexes are very different; Women are the emotional creatures, men are the logic. This is plain simple fact, it’s just chemistry and hormones within the body. Both sexes think about reproduction, or in the twenty first century terms, ‘getting laid’. But lets think in animal terms. We think about reproducing, spreading our genes, that’s one thing to agree upon. When the female picks her strong and attractive mate she thinks about ONLY that male. (And has more than likely planned a wedding date and kids names by speaking with them once.) When the male picks his attractive and fertile mate, he thinks about the BUSINESS, about what is going on right now and if they’re going to get what they want. (And may have already found an escape exit.)

So there’s two different things there. Another thing would be the after glow. The female would want to talk and cuddle, the male would want to full asleep and eat. The female is nesting, the male has done his job. With relationships and the opposite sex, you’ll find that a lot of arguments go both ways, one doesn’t understand the other, and the other doesn’t share their emotions with the other. See why same sex companionships work well together? Why girls hang out with girls and boys with boys? Not only is it our natural ‘pack’, but it’s just simply because we’re made to connect that way. I’m sure if the same sex could produce offspring then relationships would be less complicated.

Full stop capital letter; Humans haven’t evolved enough to withstand companionship. We still have our animal brains switched on.

Now my point; Dominance. If we look back into our military packs, down to war timers to Romans, mostly consisted of men. I was a big fan of the Romans when I was a kid, fascinated by them. And it was when I was old enough to understand that most of them were bisexual, mainly because they had nothing else better to do and the only time they had women was when they stopped off somewhere, but even then they had camps. But another was dominance, and this is even shown in apes! To which the rape victim kind of becomes their other half, their second adviser. But there’s a bond there as well, those two know each other in and out, and in a way that’s true companionship.

The point in this picture with Church and Loukian doesn’t necessarily mean it’s to do with a homosexual relationship, which is what a lot of people would jump to. It’s to do with dominance. For this work I took on the house of cards; The House of Spades and The House of Hearts. You might be able to see where those symbols are. But both have a different meaning to them, but both connect. Church and Loukian have a bond where they look out for one another, protect one another. And because I’m a perverted ass hole I did it like this. Ha.

But in seriousness, it shows dominance, trust and companionship. Sprinkle in some threat here and there and you have yourself something complicated yet fascinating to which humans should be praised for. Our will to trust and love others.

Sorry for the rant! But I guess it was fun – Enjoy!

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