Sunny Sorrows


For once, in quite some time – I actually feel like talking! Yay! (Sucks to be you right now)

I draw a lot of flowers. I love the message that’s hidden behind every one of them and how they differ in colour. Their development in growth and how they provide towards our world is fascinating.

Story time with Niles;

Back in April I did a piece called The Forget-me-not Man. This piece was actually created in memory of my great grandfather who was a major male figure in my life and unfortunately passed away. It’s funny when I tell people that it was a great grandparent that passed. Many people aren’t so lucky to have that generation in their life and they tend to not realise that these people can just be as close as a parent – The understanding isn’t 100% there. But moving on.

It wasn’t so long before his passing that I last saw him. You see I live a lot further away from my family now and live comfortably with my partner, so every couple of months I pop on down and grace them with my god like presence. (cough) With old age my grandfather started to experience dementia and eventually went into a nursing home as a result. And two weeks before his passing he held onto my mother and I and asked us not to go. To say that ripped at us is an understatement and what was stranger was he only asked that from us, not from anyone else. They do say that people has a sense when their time is nearing to an end, maybe he was feeling it at that time. But he was still his chirpy and happy go lucky guy, with bone crushing hugs and kisses that could kill you but still – He was my granddad. My mum used to go around his during her teen years a lot and when her father wasn’t there he was right behind her. She told me stories where he’d walk her to school and stop a street away, he’d watch her walk down that street till she turned the corner, never moving from that spot until he knew she was safe.

Now when I was younger I spent a lot of my time around him. I was the first grandchild and first great grandchild in the family – One could say I had a lot of unwanted attention my way! But when the family grew I was still his little shadow.

He was a flower man. In this picture I drew sunflowers and whenever I think of these flowers I think back to him. Behind where the car was parked he used to grow these huge sunflowers! In a row I think about four or five. As a kid I was terrified of them because I was convinced they use to move! (It was when I was older that I learned that they kind of do… And my concept of time was shot so yes, they grow pretty quick as well) Little moron I was.

Every time we visited he would walk down the gardens with his hands behind his back, handkerchief grasped, and would just look around taking everything in. And I would follow, and we would walk from the back door to the very bottom and back up again. In any weather!

Cue Niles’ best artwork ever. (The land he was blessed to walk on)


At the very bottom was just the huge patch of grass with seats littering around, a green house, a random tree and a small fence. This fence cut off another garden which was just filled with flowers. All kinds. In the summer your eyes use to hurt from all the colours. Beautiful. But these damn sunflowers, he loved them. I remember he used to cuss and blind when something would happen to them, like the wind had pushed them slightly or one just wasn’t growing like the others. But he always achieved their height without fail! Even pushing the runt to its full height!

I miss that man.


If you survive to this point – Whoohoo! Thanks for reading though,



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