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It’s torture time! Niles style! I’m going to talk – MWHAHAHA!

Sorry. (Not so sorry)

I miss writing randomness on here. Lately I’ve just been clicking and uploading artwork and running away! So today I’m going to write (don’t worry I’ll make it short) about when I first started drawing out Crying Data and university… And how it mashes together!

Some of you might know that I went to university – Surprisingly! (You wouldn’t think it, what with my bad grammar and all!) I was eighteen turning nineteen at the time and I was heading out to the big wide world to study video game art! Since I was a midge I always wanted to make those oh so exiting pixels I used to play around with myself, and as I got older I realised what area I would like to explore. I’ve always been one for character design and concept art and during my studies I exceled in both. I was lucky and unlucky with my life back then.

I found love! Whoop, whoop! I was actually I a relationship of five years before applying to university. ‘High school sweetheart’ and all that mushiness. Unfortunately (but fortunately) that ended and another chapter began. Started university – Realised I was a introvert (Either that or everyone was just knobs) (Actually I think everyone was just knobs) – But also met my current partner while on the course – Four years of nonsense this year together and the future is bright! (Mush over) We’re both into our art and design so when things went down the crapper with university we started to hit back big style.

My tutor/teacher was actually someone I used to look up to. He was art director of a few games that I loved as a kid and maybe have been for you guys as well. Of course, I won’t give away his name for privacy reasons. (Damn!) And he was an awful man. Sorry, I had to say it – I dislike him to the bone. I won’t say hate, that’s a big word – And plus, there was times when we got along. But dislike – god!

Given his past position as what he was teaching you’d think the guy was pretty artistic and full of passion – Nooope! Something flipped his switch at some point in his life. I understand about going with the times and what with the gaming industry turning 3D in everything they do he made it his mission to get rid of everything (slowly) that involved a pen and paper. When going into the third and final year it was announced that life drawing, drawing, character design, ect, ect was being abolished and in the end we’d be leaving with a degree that we didn’t apply for.

It was… Difficult. There was a lot of things going on at once at the time. We were having issues with flat mates that turned violent and when nothing was done about that we moved to where we are today. At the same time paying for a room we weren’t living in (because the university saw no issue) and commuting to university and back. I’d go into further details but there’s no point. At the time I, we, felt alone and dare I say it? Depressed. No one was listening to us, the university, our teachers, even when we went to a third party to report the university. Alone.

During my first year was when I started writing Crying Data. It was a great escape! My second year was when I started getting the pages down. The first chapter was third times lucky! I actually draw out the whole thing three times. (And people wonder/complain why it took me so long to do so very little chapters!) I was still trying to draw it all out during our rough patch but slowly, every so slowly, life started to chip away at me and my passion. Eventually I stopped. Got back on my feet and tried again.

And here I am now. This month will mark two years of dedication to Crying Data on page. Time has gone way too quick! I’ve had some strange comments from people recently that they find it strange that it’s taken me so long to just do a volume. Well like every craft, you can’t and shouldn’t rush it. Also, like every craft, it’s hard. I do this all by myself, I even create pretty goddamn pictures on the side to be even more entertaining what more do you want?! (Sorry!) All I can say is; Why don’t you give it a go? And I mean it. Give it a go. Do the many years I have researching, writing, planning – Then get to layout – Practicing anatomy, environments, weapon design, character design – Go on. Do it. Then get to page layout, scripting! Then we’ll see. Get to my level – I hope better! Then say that. Double, triple dare!

Also, do it with distress, disappointment and anxiety running through your veins. Anger, resentment, almost pure hatred and grieving. Crying Data is a mess, it’s my mess. The first volume represents me. A tormented and broken young adult who just wants to be happy. Yet the world doesn’t want to play like so. I’m happy now! God knows what the next volume is going to be like. Full of rainbows and unicorns probably. So I guess I wanted to talk today because I’m slowly growing tired of hearing words from people that don’t practice what they preach. I love you guys, all of you – Even those wonderful haters! So before you go all preachy, just remember that every artist has a back story too. I haven’t got much of one, but while doing my work I went through a time where my dreams and hopes were crushed.

And yes! I’m a university drop out! I had to have been bad to be one of the top of the class only to leave in the final year! Jeez! So if you’ve gotten this far… Thank you for putting up with my nonsense. I understand there’s a lot worse out there, but for me and my life, this was it for me. So a nice fact sheet about Niles right there!

Now what…? Uh, I drew a pretty picture. I’m sure you saw it at the top right? Right?!

Anyway thanks for your support on my work, really means a lot! I hope you’ll stick around! Soon, hopefully, I’ll be updating on the publishing world, things are coming together nicely so stay tuned!

Oh, and for those younglings or newbies. Enjoy your work, be confident and take nothing from no one! And remember, you don’t need education under your belt to get far, just determination and passion – You have my support!

With love, Niles.


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