Maybe Picture Perfect


I still like to do quick little sketches of random scenes between characters. Church and Loukian are both very mellow and dare I say? ‘Depressive’ in some ways. But they do have their small bursts of positive vibes. Church tends to show his emotions more such as his simple smile and sigh, were Louki just states the obvious. I think when we all have our down times or we’re just not that much of a happy slappy person in general, I think we are one or the other with bursts of emotion. We either show or simply say.

I’m a shower! (Stupid Niles showing off again…)  People always tell me they know how I’m feeling or maybe even thinking before I say anything, if I say anything at all. I’ve yet to have proof of this! And I’m not highly aware that I’m showing my ‘hidden feelings’. But people never seems wrong. There’s no such thing as privacy in my life!!

Anyway, I’m ranting! Enjoy the sketch!

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