Change Me


When I did this piece I didn’t expect an email from a musician from Newground (which is what I’m apart of as an artist) named AceMantra. To say he wished to write a small orchestral piece on this bit of artwork… That I pooped out in 20 minutes… Yeah.

I was frigging ecstatic!!

This guy loved this crappy piece to a point where he wanted to use it, I can’t get my head around it! He’s even submitted this piece into a competition to which fingers crossed to him. And when I listened to it… I was an emotional wreak, even now when I listen to it I’m still out of it! It’s beautiful, simply amazing. It’s everything I imagined CD to be. I thank AceMantra with everything I have for giving me such a vision.

You can listen to it here. (You can even download it for free!)

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