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With an unhealthy obsession towards flowers and teeth Niles is currently digging their own teeth within a nightmarish world twisted with stalking shadows and foul language, Crying Data. Having an interest in psychotic human behaviour and naked bodies Niles creates worlds and pretty pictures that make no sense to those that dare not dwell within their own fantasy. When not feeling god-like, enjoys hard-core video games and burgers.

Yeah, uh…. That gets used everywhere. But this is my site so I can be as unprofessional as I want!

So hi! I am Niles. So what can I say about myself that’s interesting…?

Well, I’m a big gamer. From a very young age I was fascinated with video games. I go by that typical story of ‘since I was a child all I did was play video games, breathe, live video games and pursued them as a career’ sort of thing. But this is true! I studied video game art throughout college and university, (forgive me I’m from the UK and I know higher education is worded a little differently) I’m a classic university drop out! Before entering my final year of video game art I dropped out. It was during my first year at university that I became a little more involved with manga and thus Crying Data was born. (Just to top off my unprofessionalism I wanted to get into character design and concept art within the game industry (just like every other special little snow flake doing art))

There’s not really that much I can say about myself that’s exciting. I’ve had experiences and have grown and developed into a healthy young adult with big dreams and bad attitude. Crying Data is a project that for the first time I’ve decided to take on board and develop and bring it into the real world. With special thanks to Prismatic Press Publishing. 4 tricky years down the line this mad little company is brave enough to take on my nightmares and plague the world!

Oh yeah, unprofessional move number… what now? 3? 4? I’ve been working on Crying Data for more than 4 years now! Time really flies.

I’m also very pleased to announce that Crying Data hit the web on the 3rd May 2017 digitally. (soon to be on print-on-demand)

You can find it on the big PP’s site or on Comixology.

Your imaginary friend,


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